Wii Laser Lens RAF-3350
  • Wii Laser Lens RAF-3350
  • Wii Laser Lens RAF-3350

Wii DVD Laser Lens RAF-3350 |

  • Original Nintendo Laser Lens
  • Compatible: Wii 
  • Type: RAF - 3350

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  • Wii laser len replacement pick up, easy installation, helps preventing the black error screen.
  • Many consoles have this "error has occured" problem this is most likely of torn laser especially when trying to read DVD-R media.
  • The replacement correct below problems:
  • Your games are taking much longer than before to load.
  • Your Wii is having trouble reading certain games.
  • Watching DVD’s is a pain owing to flickering screens and jumping scenes.
  • System shows a message "Disc Read Errors" or disc appears damaged or dirty on the screen.